You will notice some of these examples are more targeted towards martial arts and their methods of training, but not to worry, upon enrollment you will see how they can be adapted to other sports.


Reaction time: This is the perception of an attack, or rather the interval between stimulus (the action) and the beginning of response.
Response time: This is the time it takes to choose an appropriate response to the initiation of a movement. E.G: blocking the appropriate angle to stop an attack.
Movement-speed: Quite simply, this is how quick your counter punch is or how fast your body moves getting out of the way of trouble.


Doing martial arts will make you physically stronger by pushing your body over and over again. Martial artists don't try to gain massive amounts of muscle because its more weight to carry, this means you're going to fatigue and slow down as a result.


A perfect Martial arts body type consists of low body fat as becoming as lean as possible will mean you can perform skills to a high level for longer periods of time, in all classes at the Academy of Martial Arts Cheshire there is a fitness aspect to overcome that targets weight loss and strives to hit that peak body type all Martial artists desire to attain.

Calories burned per 1 hour
- Walking - 245
- Cycling - 420
- Jogging - 490
- Running - 560
- Circuit Training - 565
- Aerobics - 600
- Kickboxing - 705


As a Martial artist you build your self-esteem every time you show up to your classes. Just stepping into your dojo and bowing to your teachers takes courage and every time you do it, your confidence grows, and you become stronger.

Sparring is a light form of competing that is taught as part of our Martial arts curriculum and for less experienced students can become quite intimidating. Even the most senior of competitors will feel nervous when stepping out to show off their skills, however once encouraged to try your best in a light setting your confidence is sure to peak and your desire to show your skills will overcome your fear to compete.