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Welcome to Academy of Martial Arts Cheshire. We are one of Cheshire’s original and premier mixed martial arts training facilities based in Knutsford Cheshire.

We offer a wide range of lessons and tutorials for all ages and all abilities. We offer Adult classes that are specifically tailored for both beginner and advanced training from the ages of 13+ along with classes for Little Dragons for children ages 3-6 and Ninja Kids for children between the ages of 7-12.

Class Groups

Lil Dragons Ages 3-6

Our lil dragons programme is designed not only to give your child a safe martial arts workout but also a healthy mind work out too.




Ninjas Ages 6-12

This program will give them the confidence to make the right choices in life and not be afraid and led by peer pressure.



Teenager Classes: 13-16

In this class we will nurture your teenager into a confident and brave young adult.



Adult Lessons 17+

Our promise to you is you will have never felt FITTER, STRONGER, SLIMMER and more CONFIDENT after enrolling.


Classes Timetable

We can also provide one on one classes, please contact me for more details.

Little Dragons 3-6-16:00-16:00-09:30
Ninja 7-10 Intermediate-16:45-16:45-17:30 Sparing-10:15
Ninja 7-10 Beginners-17:00-17:45-17:00-17:45-17:30 Sparing-11:15
Teenager Kickboxing 13-16-18:00-18:00-18:45 Sparing
Adults Kickboxing
Intermediate 17+
-18:45-18:45-18:45 Sparing-12:00
Adults Kickboxing Beginner 17+-19:00-19:00-18:45 Sparing-12:00
Morning ladies

Latest Posts

In our posts we will try and provide you with interesting and relevant articles for you and you children. We will also let you know of news and club updates.

What our members say

We have some great members

"“I go to the Ninja classes with my friend Laura. When I leave I feel fit and confident.”
– Jen Wirth, Age 12

“I am in the Little Dragons. My favourite bit is doing kicks on the big pads.”
– Billy Tomms, Age 5