Meet the Team

Eric Marie – Head Instructor

At the Academy of Martial Arts Cheshire, the team is led by head instructor Eric Marie. Having moved to England from France, Eric wanted to further his martial arts journey which started with him practicing traditional karate. His switch to kickboxing meant that he already had a great understanding and a massive advantage on his opponents, Eric loves to compete and is known for his dynamic, in-your-face style. Furthermore his second-degree black belt provides him with massive amounts of knowledge which he is always using to help his students reach their maximum potential.

Having completed the instructor training programme and moving to Cheshire, it was obvious that he intended on opening a martial arts school, which he has ran successfully since 2014,

Shagufta Bland - Instructor

Shagufta is a warm and welcoming member of our team who is likely to be the first person you meet upon arriving at AMA Cheshire, she has taken on many roles at AMA as she has a vast experience working with people, from her time operating as a manager at various knutsford based clubs and also part of a pre school leadership team. As a parent herself she is always trying to help and is available for all of your child's needs.

Shagufta was already a fitness enthusiast before her Martial Arts journey began as she accomplished many runs ranging from 10k to half-marathons, this benefited her massively when she started training at AMA Cheshire in 2019 where she showed she had an incredible determination to improve her skills to match her huge energy levels. Shagufta is currently graded at brown belt and has her eyes set on joining her teammates and becoming a black belt as soon as possible.

Jacob Allen - Junior Instructor

Jacob is the youngest member of the team, at 18 years old, and has trained at the club since he was ten, he has competed under head instructor Eric Marie on 3 occasions and plans to progress and compete more in the future. Jacob has instructed at the Academy of Martial Arts Cheshire since 2020 and considers working at AMA a perfect environment that has helped him grow in confidence and skill. This combination in addition to his determination and hard work, led to him achieving his first-degree black belt in 2021.

Jacob has a level 2 fitness instructing qualification which he completed in his final years of school that he credits to his Martial Arts journey, his completion of this qualification is only his first step as he plans to progress his knowledge of physical fitness to benefit his time as a Martial Arts instructor. Jacob also provides a one-to-one service for those who are interested in a more detailed and personal progression of skill.

About / Free Trial

Academy of Martial Arts exclusively offers a completely Free 1 Week Trail. Simply fill out our form and receive a Free Introductory Programme that includes a week of free training sessions along with the option to book additional training sessions within your 1-week free trail.

Our 1 Week Free Trail is a no obligation, no contract membership with no hidden charges once your free trail membership expires. If you choose not to continue with Academy of Martial Arts, we will provide alternative ideas and even training recommendations to help create a training programme that may be more suitable for your needs.

Once you have booked your free trail, please make sure you arrive with plenty of time and wear appropriate clothing such as shorts or sweatpants along with a t-shirt and a bottle of water.