Teens Kickboxing lessons: 12-15


This brand new class, centred around nurturing our students from children to disciplined young adults,  has been added to the curriculum to help our younger members progress through the age groups in a comfortable and appropriate environment. Our focus for this group is developing self defence skills using a range of techniques designed individually for the needs of your child. An important aspect in all teenage lives is the ability to grow as a person and discover the kind of adult they want to be, this class will create life long friends that have the chance to increase their discipline and determination levels as a community, encouraging your child to be confident in all aspects of their life and the decisions they will have to make in it.

AMA's teenager class will be ran with a professional and hard working agenda while also focussing on treating our students like young adults; music, chosen by members of the class, will be played to create a more personal atmosphere that everyone can enjoy, furthermore we will be asking for more input and ideas from our students about how and what they would like to learn, we are very excited to try new things with this class and focus on moulding all our teens into bright and confident adults who can progress through our school in the most comfortable and controlled manor.

      Our promise to you!

  • We will provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your teen.
  • Everyone wears the same uniform and there is no preferential treatment. Everyone is treated equally meaning everyone fits in.
  • We offer competitive and non-competitive programs and everyone moves and advances at their own pace.
  • Our Instructors are positive, caring and supportive to all our members.
  • Your team mates are positive thinking people who want to improve and be successful in all areas of their lives just like you.

New members are always welcome but we do recommend that you let us know in advance so our instructors have time to plan and prepare for your arrival. Simply fill out our free trail form on our contact page and one our instructors will call to arrange a suitable time. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 07717 116042 for a direct response.