If you are finding it difficult to stick to gym schedules or are just simply not enjoying your time focusing on your personal fitness, then the Academy of Martial Arts Cheshire is the perfect fit for you! Each class is split into various sections focusing on pinpoint technical aspects of Martial Arts (muscular/cardiovascular endurance, technique in performance, and overall fitness) which will not only help you burn off excess calories but will also help to tone your body with a fulfilling workout you will be proud to have completed. You will develop an improved fitness ability and will be rewarded with advanced energy levels and new motivation that will make you mentally and physically stronger.

With our Martial Arts workouts, we guarantee that you will feel stronger, fitter and accumulate higher levels of self-esteem after enrolling in our adult programme. It's also a fantastic way to meet people and build new friendships as each of our classes is full of people just like you… with goals like you... and abilities like you...

We offer a wide range of adult Martial Arts classes and multiple beginner sessions that include a more detailed, hands-on start to your martial arts career. As you move through the grading process you will be able to progress to our intermediate class which is filled with senior belt students (who have been a constant throughout the years). There will also be a handful of students who have graduated from the beginner's programme, just like you, as their skill level has grown and passed our required point of ability to progress. We are also massively proud of the young adults who have graduated from our Ninja Kids programme to our beginners or intermediate adult classes as they have shown an incredible level of commitment to their Martial Arts journey. We also provide a flexible one-to-one tuition upon request for all those who want to further progress and better their chances of training with the best the Academy can offer.

New members are always welcome, but we do recommend that you let us know in advance, so our instructors have time to plan and prepare for your arrival. Simply fill out our free trial form on our contact page and one of our instructors will call you to arrange a suitable time. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 07717116042 for a direct response.