Reaction time: This is the perception of an attack, or rather the interval between stimulus and the beginning of response.
Response time: This is the time it takes to choose an appropriate response to the initiation of the actual movement.
Movement-speed: Quite simply, this is how quick your counter punch is or how fast your body moves getting out of the way of trouble, etc. You will notice some of these examples seem geared more towards martial arts and their methods of training, but not to worry, you’ll also see how they can be adapted to other sports to.


Doing martial arts will make you stronger pushing your body over and over again you will trim. Martial artists don't try to get big muscle because its more weight to carry, will make you slower and you get tire quicker.


Fitness facts
Calories burned per 1 hour
Walking - 245
Cycling - 420
Jogging - 490
Running - 560
Circuit Training - 565
Aerobics - 600
Kickboxing - 705


As a martial artist – whether you realise it or not – you build your confidence every time you show up to your classes. Just bowing and stepping into your dojo takes courage and every time you do it, you get stronger.

I don’t know about you, but I still get butterflies every time I am asked to spar with someone. And every time, I take a deep breath and make myself get out there and do it. As soon as the match starts, the butterflies go away and the focus shifts to doing my best.