About AMA Cheshire

Eric Marie – Head Instructor

Our Academy of Martial Arts Cheshire team is lead by head instructor Eric Marie. Having moved to England from France, Eric wanted to further his martial arts journey which started with him practising traditional karate.

His switch to kickboxing meant that he already had a great understanding and a massive advantage on his opponents.

Eric loves to compete and is known for his come-forward style. Having completing the instructor training programme and moving to Cheshire, it was obvious that he would open a martial arts school in Cheshire.

About / Free Trial

Academy of Martial Arts exclusively offers a completely Free 1 Week Trail. Simply fill out our form and receive a Free Introductory Programme that includes a free training session along with the option to book additional training lessons within your 1 week free trail.

Our 1 Week Free Trail is a no obligation, no contract membership with no hidden charges once your free trail membership expires. If you choose not to continue with Academy of Martial Arts, we will provide alternative ideas and even training recommendations to help create a training programme that may be more suitable for your needs.

Once you have booked your free trail, please make sure you arrive with plenty of time and wear appropriate appeal such as shorts or sweat pants along with a t-shirt and a bottle of water.